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How Does it work?

It's simple. You will receive all the materials that will be discussed in the classes in advance. Before we meet (Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 18H00-20H00 between Sept 7 and Nov 30, 2021) you will work through the assigned material. Then we will gather via Zoom to discuss what you have read and observed, and how it relates to your experience. 

What is the Course About?

CVI: Houston examines military experience through the humanities. Humanities refers to the study of human lives and experiences through the lens of culture. Traditional humanities fields include philosophy, history, literature, art history, and many, many more. We will be examining artworks and reading poetry, fiction, and plays from the ancient world to the contemporary - from Homer's Odyssey to Trudeau's Doonesbury.  In the process we will think ideas of  service, sacrifice, heroism, war, patriotism, trauma, and what it means (or if it is possible) to come home. 

That sounds like a lot of work. Is it? 

Depends on how much you're willing to put in. We will meet remotely on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The discussions work best if you have read the material in advance. However, readings will be kept to a manageable length. More work will be required of you if you want to do the course for transferrable credit. 

What does it cost?

Nothing but your time and effort. There is no tuition cost and all assigned materials will be provided free of charge. 

Wait, did you say Transferrable credit? 

Yes.  Transferrable credit from Bard College is available. You will, however, be required to complete about an hour's worth of preparatory work per week (short written answers in advance of meetings)  as well as to submit three 3-page papers in the course of the semester. 

Who is running CVI: Houston?

Dr. Max Rayneard is the academic director of CVI: Houston. He has worked with veterans in various capacities and across the United States for almost a decade and a half.  CVI: Houston is hosted by the Honors College at the University of Houston.

Should i apply to CVI: Houston?

If you're thinking about it, the answer is probably yes, but especially if:


  • You’re a veteran (all eras, branches, ranks, genders, discharge statuses are eligible).

  • You’re looking for a group of

       thinking, curious peers.

  • You’re considering going back to school or could do with some mental stimulation.

Is It only for veterans?

The Clemente Veterans Initiative: Houston is primarily for veterans. However, veteran participants are more than welcome to bring civilians - friends and / or family - into the conversation. Allied civilians have much to learn and gain, too.  

How do I apply?

Click the link below. We are accepting applications until we reach capacity, but not after August 30, 2021. 

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